Terra Char and BET Systems

Terra Char and BET Systems have started producing biochar as a bi-product of the burn process. By creating bio-char during the energy creation process, CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and turned into biochar. This process created biochar without losing any energy output.


EcoFarmingDaily has published this article written by Terra Char’s very own Soil & Biochar Consultant, David Yarrow!

​Upcoming Conferences

Terra Char will be returning to the Biochar & Energy Conference. This conference takes place June 30 – July 3 in Fort Collins, CO. We’ll have an information booth providing advice, all the latest updates, and samples of our high quality biochar.
For more information, click the events in our calendar, or visit the websites below.
Biochar and Energy 2019

Terra Char biochar & Bluebird Composting

Terra Char is pleased to announce that we are entering a partnership with Bluebird Composting LLC. Together, we plan to provide new ready-to-use products consisting of Bluebird compost and various blends of Terra Char biochar. On their website, Bluebird states, “All of us at Bluebird Composting strive for sustainability in our own lives and are passionate about providing a product that is sustainable produced and encourages others to grow sustainably.” Terra Char looks forward to working together with Bluebird Composting to provide products that will do just that.

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