Inoculants & Cultures

Colonize biochar with beneficial microbes

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Microbial Inoculant with Humates
Liquid blend of 16 bacteria & 9 fungi with minerals & humates. 1 gallon per acre per year; reduce fertilizer use 50%. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria & Phosphate-solubilizing fungi.

H.E.B. – High Energy Blend

Mix of beneficial bacteria & mycorrhiza fungi, liquid concentrate, microbe-fermented. It intensifies the plant soil system synthesized from plant materials with sea & land-mined nutrients greatly benefits plant growth & soil conditions to boost growth & profits. Total all-in-one product, no need to purchase several products

Mycorrhizae – Ultrafine Endo

Special class of fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with plant roots. 95% of plants have mycorrhizal fungi on their roots inoculation requires direct presence of host seed or root.

Bacillus Subtitles

A seed starter microbe with supporting nutrients.

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