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In 2015, after two years of encouraging experiments, commodity grain farmer, JR Bollinger, in Sikeston, Missouri made a full commitment to regenerate his soils with Carbon-Smart Farming using biochar, sea minerals and microbes.  After careful research, JR’s idea was to build tillage equipment to inject liquid and dry ingredients in narrow bands.  In April, JR tilled formulated TerraCharge biolyzer into 6-inch strips, with half his normal NPK fertilizer, and planted 1000 acres of non-GMO corn.

First week of June, JR knew he made the right choice. His corn was thicker, broader, darker, 16 inches taller.

JR’s first year of biological farming yielded impressive results and bonus savings. Each year, as he adds more biocarbon, trace elements and microbes to soil, his crops will improve even more. Five years is needed to install a strong biological foundation in soils, but meanwhile, JR is assured abundant yields and significant savings.

Terra-Char.com‘s powerpoint show illustrates JR’s remarkable experiences in 2015 to grow remarkably heathy corn. Download and “Run” the 9-megabyte file to see how superbly Carbon-Smart Farming works.  Click this link to download the file (JRBollinger.pps).

Inspecting Ears on Aug. 5, 2015
Dense Corn Roots Grow into Biochar

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