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Diversity is King
Soil Carbon & Water Retention

Regenerative Agriculture
with rotations, cover crops & microbes
Gabe Brown, Bismarck, North Dakota

Organic carbon improves soil’s water-holding capacity.  A 1% increase in organic matter results in 20,000 more gallons of water stored per acre.  So when my soil jumps from under 2% to 6% carbon, my soil can store thousands more gallons of water.

Terrachar’ge your soil battery!

  • optimum plant growth
  • maximum crop vitality
  • boost nutrient-density
  • improve livestock health

Earthworms: Sentinels of Soil

Dr. Paul Hepperly

Metobolites Rockdust

The Promise of Biochar


Below 2% organic matter, soil stores less than an inch of rain. One acre of low carbon soil (2% or less) has 20-40,000 pounds of organic matter (10-20,000 pounds of actual carbon) and absorbs one acre-inch of water or less.
— 226,000 lbs. of water.

1 acre = 2 million pounds in 6 inches of soil. One acre of soil with 5% organic matter has 100,000 pounds of organic matter
— about 50,000 pounds of carbon.

Over 3% Organic Matter & healthy humus conversion, soil stores over 1 inch of rainfall for each 1% OM. One acre of dry, high carbon soil (5%) can absorb & store 5 acre-inches or more
— 1,132,000 pounds of water.

A difference of  905,000 pounds of water absorbed & stored by high versus low carbon soil
— almost one million pounds per acre.

Carbon-Smart Farming

Carbon-Smart Climate Strategy

Carbon-Smart Definition

The 4 M’s to Prepare Biochar

Biochar in Poultry Farming


Biochar Research at Lincoln University

Dr. Raymond Bayan ….

Earthworm burrow lined with Biochar


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