Green Carbon Pathway

Plant Photosynthesis Pumps Carbon into Soil

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Plants catch Carbon from air to convert to Carbohydrates, then pump this sweetness into roots and shoots to sustain life and growth. This Green Carbon Pathway pumps tons of Liquid Carbon into each acre of soil, where it converts to other stable forms of Biocarbon, such as root growth and fungal biomass.  Root biomass is normally greater than above ground growth, so the Green Carbon Path can rapidly sequester huge amounts of Carbon back into soil, whereCarbon-Smart soil management can keep Carbon underground for centuries.

Green Carbon Path is our best strategy to remove Carbon Dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere, thus counteracting global heating and climate change.  First, soil has the capacity to absorb all the Carbon currently in Earth’s atmosphere, plus all the Carbon in green plants.  Second, this natural mechanism to sequester Carbon is powered by sunshine via Photosynthesis, a primary service of green plants.  Third, this process regenerates soil to increase its fertility and capacity to grow more biomass and fix more Carbon.

Green Carbon Path unleashes a Carbon Sequestration cascade to improve soil structure, water conservation, microbe populations, and fertilizer efficiency. Each gram of Black Carbon (biochar & humus) can capture 8 grams of Water Retention, and support 10 grams of Green Carbon, which each can feed 10 more grams of White Carbon growth of fungi and mycelium, plus their helper bacteria and other microbes.

40-60% of sugar made in leaves is secreted into soil around roots. This sweet leak is no mistake or accident, but the deliberate delivery of food for microbes.  Bacteria, fungi and other microbes thrive in this Sweet Spot, trading water & minerals for plant sugars from sunshine.  Plants & microbes collaborate, trading carbon in an Underground Economy, exchanging sugar for water, minerals & metabolites.  

Green Carbon Path is a prime purpose of Cover Crops.  All through a growing season, cover crops pump Carbohydrates into soil to sustain microbe communities and support a population explosion for successful colonization and full function fertility. Liquid sweetness supplied by plants supports a healthy, thriving Soil Food Web to manage soil nutrients.  Cover crop value as Green Manure plowed under is minor compared to Carbon and nutrients a Green Carbon Pathway delivers all through the growing season.

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