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Terra Char isn’t just about biochar, but  providing a complete technological pathway to transform agriculture from carbon polluting to carbon capture & storage in soil.  Our mission is to develop & deploy a new generation of biomass-to-energy technology that is integrated into agriculture.  We will create and deliver hardware, software, materials, training & support to take Midwest agriculture and communities down a green energy pathway to the future. We’re at the beginning of a new 21st Century industry & agriculture.

Terra Char is developing patented technology to process many types of biomass into biochar & bioenergy.  At the least, a burner making biochar yields hot water for space heating & sanitation.    But further, gas and liquid biofuels can be harvested to process for on-farm and local energy purposes. An even  further goal is a biomass-to-bioenergy facility that also produces electric power for farm, business, coop, or community.

Terra Char has found opportunities in energy. BET Biomass systems can create biochar as a bi-product of the burn process when creating energy. This can ultimately reduce the amount of CO2in the environment while creating a soil amendment that can thrive in soil for thousands of years.

Biochar is shown to slow down the effects of climate change by removing harmful CO2from the atmosphere by turning it into a carbon-negative soil amendment. Biomass Systems use plant matter and animal waste to create a renewable energy source. Creating biochar through this process has combined two environmentally processes to help to reduce climate change.

Wood chips fed into BET System to create energy and biochar

Estimated Biochar and Biomass outputs with BET Systems

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