Biochar Powder

Biochar Powder

Raw, Screened, 40 Micron

Made from oak hardwood, passed through minimum 40 micron screen.  Very fine powder isn’t water soluble, but can pass through most types of sprayers & nozzles. Biochar Powder also delivers biocarbon in targeted special uses, such as potting soil mixes, seed starter blends, foliar dustings, foliar sprays, root drenches.

AnalysisControl Labs
Prepare for Soil
The 4M’s

  1. Moisten
  2. Micronize
  3. Mineral Charge
  4. Microbe Inoculate
Biochar Powder – $74.00
5 gallons = 23 lbs.
Free Shipping Within Continental U.S.

Also available inhalf-ton tote bag & 
22-ton semi trailer.

Please call or text 573-489-8929 for bulk price.

Wide angle of Biochar Powder

Close up view of Biochar Powder

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