Biochar for a Climate/Carbon-Smart Future

Who We Are

We are a brand name of quality biochar.

We are constantly expanding our knowledge, and working with new companies and products to explore biochar’s expanding benefits, including those related to soil, crops, livestock, water, energy, construction, packaging, and the climate.

​Save Our Soils
Dr. Christine Jones Explains the Life-Giving Link Between Carbon and Healthy Topsoil

What is Biochar?

How Biochar Works

Biochar in Poultry

Scientists discover microbes that help plants survive & thrive

What We Produce

Our Biochar is made from ligneous biomass, and is known for its low moisture and high fixed carbon content..

Our long term goal is to use biomass pyrolysis to produce heat, biofuel & power, as well as biochar, to make small businesses and communities self-sustaining.

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Terra Char

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